Our Services & Solutions

HEIGHTS has an unlimited variety of services in creating events

Supportive Services

We offer you impressive solutions to complete your event with international technologies

Identity, Designs & Prints

We innovate in identity designs in addition to motion graphics and AutoCAD design, 3D and 2D designs, all paper publications, organizers cards and invitations etc. to reflect the visual identity in the best way

Crowd Control

We provide a team specialized in organizing crowds and guiding attendance with the support of security teams for delegations and visitor traffic, according to customized plans

Technical Solutions Services

We provide a range of technical services that include filming, documenting events, live broadcasts, screens, cameras, filming, production, all supporting devices, light and sound technologies through 3D projectors

Manufacturing Works

At Heights, we have a huge industrial capacity that includes wood, steel and acrylic works that are involved in the industries and this also includes several designs such as decorations for all event and construction departments such as signboards, by the requirements of the event.

Media and PR

Includes reception services and protocol, media photography, media coverage, event transportation services, speaker management, visitors and VIPs, and gift-giving

Exhibitions Management

We are working on full planning for the establishment of exhibitions with the participating authorities and coordinate with them at a suitable time to work on the complete installation and removal

Logistics Services

Providing a logistical support team concerning reception, protocol, transportation, reservations, and accommodation, and the logistical support team oversees the cleaning, sterilization and safety of the place completely while applying all safety precautions

Organizing Tourism and Cultural Visits

We work to organize tourist visits and trips to cultural and heritage areas, historical sites and tourist guides, and to organize accompanying cultural events while providing all logistical services such as transportation and housing

Marketing and Visual Production

We provide all digital marketing services, outdoor and digital advertising, and do montage, photography and content

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